wall hangingB

wall hangingB 2022 2009, marble (Fauske Norway), 40 cm x 19 cm x 1 cm, photo Kjell Ove Storvik
A pink, fleshy, paste-colored marble hangs on a steel frame, showing two dark inclusions with a reddish aura. The form hollows and arches around a metal frame, appearing to float in space. The marble is worked on two sides until a thin layer is formed, only one point recalling the original solidity of the stone; its center of gravity sitting on the steel frame. The steel frame attaches to the wall and allows the stone to hang in space. Most common associations with stone are massive, heavy, hard, rigid, and still. In the work WandbehangB (2022), the Norwegian marble appears fragile, light, soft and flowing and thus eludes its original characteristics.