nettle rings

nettle rings 2023, nettle fibre, diameter 3,6 cm, nettle wood of the steams and epoxy resin 11,5 x 5 x 2 cm, photo David Ziegler
Detail nettle rings, photo archive Bayerischer Landtag
Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Ilse Aigner and Dr.Frank Matthias Kammel are watching at the works nettle rings and stone tile1/2, photo David Ziegler
speech at the award ceremony Dr.Reinhard Spieler in Mars- and Venus-Hall of Bayerischen Nationalmuseum, Munich, photo David Ziegler
The two nettle rings are using the symbol of wedding rings, which publicly signify the connection between two people until their death. Normally, wedding rings are made from a durable precious metal so they can be worn on the finger for a lifetime. In contrast, the nettle rings are made from pressed nettle fiber and would dissolve upon use. Individual fibers are visible at the bottom of the rings, revealing the fragile elements of the pressed structure. Both rings have the same diameter, symbolizing the equal size of potential wearers. In the Mars and Venus Hall, a monument is dedicated to the love affair of the Greek and Roman mythological couple Venus and Mars. Their extramarital affair is elevated to a monumental event, losing all secrecy. The oversized nettle rings become a kind of monument, inviting contemplation about human connections and the changing nature of love. The base of the two rings is made from shredded nettle stems that have lost their function as supporting stalks. The shreds are now held together by epoxy resin that give the two rings a base.